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Thursday, October 6, 2011

In-country Post # 3: Illnesses Update

Oh, what a difference a day makes!  Oh, what hundreds of prayers can do!  I am so happy to report that we are all feeling so much better!  David's antibiotics have done their job and he is on the tail end of his sinus infection.  I am actually feeling better since I've gotten a few more hours of sleep under my belt.  The weather is feeling better; it is sunny and in the mid-70s during the day.  And the most important news, the news everyone honestly wants to read about concerns our precious Maclayne Faith....

Since we knew that Maclayne would probably still be very sick, we decided that during this visit David would, once again, take the boys outside to play and I would stay inside to rock Maclayne and give her as much love as I possibly could during our visit.  However, when we got to the orphanage for our afternoon visit, Maclayne was feeling so much better and you could literally see it in her tiny little face.  We noticed that she also looked better than she has since we got here last Thursday. 

Trenton playing on the slide
True to our visiting hour’s routine, David went to Teague's groupa to pick him up as I went to Trenton's and Maclayne's groupa.  As I entered their groupa room, I called out to “Tihon” and “Leeza” (we decided that we would wait until "Gotcha Day" to use the names we have given them).  Immediately, Trenton ran over to me giggling and pointing to the door as he made his grunting noise indicating, "Let’s go!"  I picked him up in my arms and started kissing his chubby little cheeks and neck while he continued pointing at the door and grunting louder and louder.  He is always on a mission to try to get as far away as he can from his caregivers.  I told him to wait because I needed to see about his sister and that "Papa" would be coming in a little while with his brother to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. 

One of the nice caregivers, who actually has compassion, came over to me and told me through broken English and charades that "Leeza" was no longer sick and that it would be okay to take her outside with the boys.  She continued to tell me that Maclayne actually ate her lunch and was alert.  This was the news that we so desperately wanted to hear.  While the caregiver and I were talking to each other, Maclayne recognized my voice and started screaming, crying, and scooting like crazy in her playpen.  I figured out immediately that this was her way of telling me she wanted her mama to know she was in her playpen and wanted to be picked up! 

A smile truly is worth a thousand words
When I went to her, she gave me the most beautiful radiant smile and, while patting my face, she started cooing.  My heart jumped for joy because I knew the sweet little sounds coming from my daughter were meant just for me.  This sweet moment shared between mother and daughter was the culmination of God's powerful hand at work.  Once again, I was a witness to Maclayne's strong will to live and her ability to fight whatever is thrown at her.  To see how sick she was just two days ago and to see her at that moment, it was almost like I was seeing two different children.  All I could do was smile and whisper to her that God loves her more than her mama and daddy could ever dream of loving her, but that it will be through our love that she will know of His love. 

Teague giggling
David soon showed up with Teague who was giggling and singing because he was with his daddy.  I kissed him on the cheek and it just made him giggle even more.  Oh how the sounds of my beautiful children warm my heart!  And how blessed I am to know that the grunting, cooing, singing, and giggling are meant just for us:  their mama and daddy who cannot wait to bring them home to their brothers, Copeland and Silas.

Having a "conversation" with our daughter
The boys swinging


  1. I am in tears as I read this! They are coming out more and more as you are there with them. Imagine what they will be like after just a few days at home! Can not wait to see you all at the airport! Love you so much!

  2. so so beautiful!!!
    cannot wait for the gotcha post!!! :)

  3. Wow, just ... wow! I'm so happy for your family!!