TEAM BARNETT ADOPTION 2014 ~ Felix's Heroes Wall

The following people have graciously donated to our adoption fund and have made Greta, Felix, & Romeo one step closer to becoming "An Orphan No More"!
Greta's, Felix's, & Romeo's Heroes Wall:
Linda Wade ~ TX; Tammy Johnson ~ TX; Brian & Carol Miller ~ NC; Karl & Beth Brennan ~ TX; Sammye Smith ~ TX; Barbara Balthrop ~ TX; Jeri Newman ~ TX; Shirley Bowman ~ TX; Anonymous ~ TX; Kelly & Chay McClellan ~ TX; Heather Farester ~ VA; Terri Mauldin ~ TX; Sherry Hamby ~ TX; Laura Homan ~ TX; Cindy & Kelsey Cregar ~ MD; April Jurisch ~ TX; Danni & Rhaya Edison ~ TX; Brenda Baswell ~ AL; Anonymous ~ TX; Keshia Melton ~ New Zealand; Mistie Sutko ~ TX; Amy Epley ~ TX; Annie Trenda ~ WA; Jenny Raspberry-Martin ~ Canada; Amber Gilchrist-Anderson ~ NM; Bianca Montelaro-Oliver ~ LA; Sasha Fera-Schanes ~ CA; Gigi Glynn ~ NJ; Cordie Teddlie Everman ~ TN; Clydene Moore ~ TX; Peggy McAdams ~ TX; Kayla Groen; Kristen Abel ~ TX; Dandy Rivas Fleming ~ TX; Colleen Salinas ~ TX; Katy Pyle ~ LA; Sandra Lizcano ~ LA; Reby Lawler ~ TX; Charlette Flowers ~ TX; Mary Anne McCartney ~ TX; Colleen Krizak ~ TX; Rhonda Jackson ~ TX; Heather Woodall ~ TX; Heather Johnson ~ TX; Sherwin & Ann Lee ~ TX; Stacie Lee Mercer ~ TX; Anonymous; Wesley Barnett ~ MS; Anonymous ~ TX; Shirley Massey ~ TX; Jeremy & Mandy Danielson ~ TX; Anonymous ~ TX; Debbie Goff ~ TX; Jamie Discher ~ TX; Carol Miller Wise ~ NC; Cherrisa Shelton ~ TX; Sheilah Chisum ~ NM; Debbie Marks ~ OH; The Stokes Family ~ TX; Wanda Oldag ~ TX; Lisa Smith ~ OH; Michelle Hughes ~ VA;
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Traveling Post # 1: Our journey begins

[Note: I wrote this as we waited to board our flight to Washington Dulles, but didn’t get a chance to post it.]

The day we have prayed for, dreamed about, and anxiously awaited is finally here! In four (4!!) days we will get to see our children in person. We will actually get to physically hug and kiss them. No longer will we have to sleep in order to show our precious children the love they so desperately want and are worthy of. It has been extremely hard the past nine months knowing that our children are not aware that their forever family loves them and prayers for them constantly. David had to constantly remind me that we needed to trust that God was preparing their precious hearts and that they would be okay while we gathered information and submitted documents.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 15, 2011 will be the first day of their new lives in which Christ will be their solid foundation found through the family with whom God has created them for. Although this new life will start off slow for them and us due to the weeks of only twice daily visiting times with us, it will reap its eternal benefit.

To our precious Teague Josiah, Maclayne Faith, and Trenton James: your “Gotcha Day” will soon be reality. You have been loved as our children from the first day that we saw your pictures and our love has deepened with each passing moment. “We love [each of you] because He first loved of us” – I John 4:19. Each of you will soon come to know and understand this beautiful and perfect love.


  1. oh Im so happy for you all... praying everything goes smoothly and your children are in your loving very soon:) Cant wait to see picts of those precious little ones

  2. I can't wait to see you holding Maclayne, Trenton and Teague! (by the way, I love the name Teague!) Praying for you!

  3. Praying and also can NOT wait to see you holding these beautiful treasures!!!!