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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Traveling Post # 10: Our Mischievous Escape Artist

Reece's Rainbow picture

Wow, what to say about Trenton James.  From the moment we saw his picture on the Reece’s Rainbow website, we knew he was a mess.  Then the updated pictures of him came from the Haglers and the Millers who were adopting children from the same orphanage.  True to picture character, our thoughts of him being a mess were still being confirmed.  Anyone viewing the pictures could see that ever so small glint in his eyes that gave him away.

The day that we had been waiting an eternity for came and, once again, our suspicions were confirmed.  On Monday, August 22, 2011 we met our little Escape Artist who we had been praying for sinc
e November 2010.  Immediately, we were able to see the ever so slight gleam in our son’s eyes that had only been noticed in pictures.  He walked in like he owned the place and we were just another mother and father who were visiting his orphanage.

Giving his mama a "high five"
The caregiver who brought him to us told him to give me a “high five” and he walked over to me and held his hand up to slap my hand.  After we had exchanged the high five, the biggest grin appeared on his face and the sweetest little giggle escaped from his mouth.  He then kissed his hand and threw me the kiss as walked over to the orphanage Director’s desk to grab something off of it.  David and I let him do his own thing, knowing that he would eventually warm up to us and know that we were his parents.

Then the magical moment that only God could orchestrate occurred.  His caregiver told him that we were his Mama and Papa.  Our sweet little Trenton turned around and came to me with his arms up.  I picked him up and started kissing him all over his face and neck.  The whole time he ha
d his arms around my neck and giggled.  I then handed him to David and his little chubby arms went around David’s neck.

He is up to something
Our Mischievous Escape Artist’s gleam shifted ever so slightly at that moment.  He continues to make his caregivers run around in circles with his stubborn antics, but the new gleam in his eyes is now one of security directed at us, HIS MAMA AND PAPA.

Trying to escape


  1. Keep the posts coming please...I am sucked in and I need more! Give those babies a hug and kiss from me and tell them I miss them. If you see Sonya and you can get your hand on her, please give her a hug too and tell her I still love her. Have a wonderful afternoon visit and remember that when things get frustrating, your family is surrounded in prayer!

  2. He's so cute! And he's gonna keep you on your toes lol