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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Traveling Post # 11: Our Musical Daddy's Boy

Reece's Rainbow picture

What can be said about our precious Teague?  First of all, he is the polar opposite of Trenton.  In all of the pictures we had seen of him, from the two Reece’s Rainbow pictures to the Miller and Hagler pictures, he looked very quiet and low-key.  When we finally got to meet our sweet little boy on August 22, his pictures did not lie.

Immediate Daddy's Boy
In walked a very quiet and shy little boy holding the hand of his caregiver; he did not stray very far from the security of her hand and leg.  Then, once again, a magical moment that only God could orchestrate happened.  The orphanage Director told him in Ukrainian, “Igor, this is your Mama and Papa.”  Immediately, he looked up, with his eyes shining, and went straight to his Papa.  David scooped him in his arms and kissed his cheek.  The whole time David was holding Teague, our little boy was making a happy humming sound and patting David’s back.  When David sat down with Teague in his lap, it was like Teague had finally found his place after a four year search.

When David finally handed him to me, Teague giggled.  I started kissing him all over his face and neck and his giggling turned into pure laughter.  I started singing “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” and used his hands as the spider.  As soon as I did this, his sweet little laughter turned back into humming as he swayed a little to my off-key singing.  It was at that moment we realized just how much our Teague loves music.

When it was time to be taken back to his groupa, David and I both hugged and kissed him.  It was, however, David’s touch that made Teague the happiest.  It was then that I realized just how much of a Daddy’s Boy our precious Teague was going to be.

Listening to a favorite song
Over the last few days, Teague has stayed true to picture and personality form.  He is still quiet and low-key, but is starting to come out of his shell more and more.  One thing that has helped more than anything is David playing music on his iPhone and allowing Teague to hold it.  When certain songs come on that he likes, Teague places the iPhone under his chin and will sway to the music.  We have also realized just how clever our little man is because it did not take him long to figure out that if he touched the iPhone screen, he could see different pictures. 

We have gotten the greatest joy out of seeing Teague’s desire to be our son simply because he is feeling more and more secure with us as his Mama and Papa.  All it takes to brighten him up is to ask, “Where’s Papa?”  We are blessed to know that he will always be our perfect Musical Daddy’s Boy.

Happily swinging

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